Sunday, November 21, 2004

Good sports news

So the Broncos not only won today, but they also managed to force some turnovers. And for once, it was the other team's quarterback who suffered a brain fart (Aaron Brooks tossed a stupid interception to Al Wilson, who ran it in 7 yards for a touchdown - but I'm not complaining). So the good guys are now 7-3 and staring at 2 games against the Raiders (at home) and Chargers (in SoCal) that could decide the division if we win both. Unfortunately, thanks to the Steelers and Pats, we can't get a first-round bye and won't even be able to get to the AFC Championship. But at least we seem to be getting better. and Ruben Droughns is still running well.

And the Nuggets seem to have righted the ship. As I write, they are leading Dallas by 21 with 3 minutes left in a game that will get them back to .500. There seems to be hope for them yet. Now if only they can win on the road.

Next up is getting the Cubbies to trade Sosa so that they can sign Beltran instead and all will be well with the world.

And just for the record, I think Ron Artest got off easy by only getting suspended for the rest of this year. He should pay a $1 million fine on top of that and should be subject to criminal charges, which may come anyway.


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