Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Out of practice

So I played bridge with my regular partner, D, a couple times in the last week. Once was at the local club and once was at a Sectional tournament (Swiss teams). We hadn't played in a few months and it showed. We have a fairly complex bidding system, based on Kaplan-Sheinwold, which is essentially a weak no trump with 2/1 game forcing. If that doesn't mean anything to you, please take up the game; it's great fun. [If I can get some help on the tech side, maybe I'll post a copy of the system so that people can make suggestions on how to improve it. D would like that because we have lots of open points we need to get to.]

In any case, it became very clear that we need to play more often. One time, when he introduced a new major suit at the four level after I had confirmed a fit in a minor (this was a competitive bidding situation), I left him in the new major even though I only had a singleton. [For those who don't know bridge and haven't yet given up on this post, that's a cardinal sin.] He only went down 1 in a 4-1 fit. We also missed a couple of slam hands and we have to learn how to deal with interference over our 1NT openings. We know how to escape if we are doubled, but have no idea what we are doing if someone interferes with a suit bid.

While we have a ways to go, we were not horrible, which was encouraging. At the club, we had a 50% to finish in the middle. Even though we are Strat C, we didn't get any masterpoints). At the Sectional, we won 3 of the 7 matches, so we got 0.63 Silver points , but none of the overall prizes, and we finished 3rd of 3 in Flight D, because we seemed to get skunked in the matches we lost. At least we had fun. And now that I got back to a taste of playing, I need it more. It is a highly addictive game.


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