Monday, December 06, 2004

Of "Girlfriends" and other politically incorrect titles

DovBear and Sarah have both posted recently about how one should refer to females. This raises an interesting question about how someone should refer to the female he is dating.

The candidates:
Girlfriend: Pro- the tried and true term that gets across the meaning. Con - How is this not politically incorrect? Even without the political correctness nonsense, doesn't "girl"friend connote a certain immaturity? Maybe it works for teenagers, but not when both people are in their thirties. I just think the term sounds too "high school".

Friend: Pro - Avoids the immaturity thing. Con - Sounds waaaayyy too platonic. The type of person you would love to have a cup of coffee with and talk to for hours at a time, but the thought of actually kissing the person makes you convulse.

The girl/woman/chick/chyck/etc. I'm seeing: Pro - Expresses the point and the romantic side of things. Con - Makes it sound like you're just fooling around until something better comes along. You like the person, but you know you could never bring her home to the folks. Kinda like the way religious Jews feel about dating someone who is Reform or even not-Jewish.

Lady-friend: Pro - Sounds mature. Con: Sounds like she's your "shack-up honey". Either that, or you are both in your fifties.

Woman-friend: Pro - sounds mature. Con: Sounds like she's your "shack-up honey". Either that, or she's a "femi-nazi".

So how does a guy refer to someone like this? Obviously, there's an easy way to remedy the situation: Simply buy the ring already to change the title to finacee, and eventually, wife. But what to do in that interim 2-6 month period, when you are dating seriously, asking the important questions, having the major discussions, seriously thinking about the future and saving the coin needed to make the big purchase?

I'd be very curious to hear what the female readers of this blog (all two of you) think.


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